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April 3, 2023 Budget Workshop

Mayor James M. Jaroszynski
Trustee Anthony Cavallaro-excused
Trustee Timothy Dunn
Trustee Alan Gustafson, Jr.
Trustee Annette Miller

Cindy Capestrani, Village Clerk
Paula Spunaugle, Treasurer
Lawrence E. Trask – Deputy Treasurer
Bryce Webster, Fire Chief
Carl Caprino, DPW Superintendent
Laurie Becker, Library Director

The Budget Workshop of the Village of Falconer Mayor and Board of Trustees was held on Monday, April 3, 2023 at 6:00 P.M. in the Falconer Public Library with Mayor James Jaroszynski presiding. 

Pledge of Allegiance & Roll:

Trustee Gustafson, Trustee Dunn, Trustee Miller and Mayor Jaroszynski were all present.

Visitors – 

no visitors present



2023/2024 Budget Workshop

Mayor Jaroszynski noted the board had received the preliminary budget at the last board meeting for review and asked the department heads to attend tonight’s workshop so that they could answer any questions that the board may have.

Department of Public Works

A report with DPW projects for budget consideration, equipment repairs and a major equipment replacement schedule was reviewed.

Key points brought up in the discussion regarding the reports:

  • Need to get major equipment replacement schedule back on track as we are behind in replacing, do not want to spend money on costly repairs or have equipment down when needed.
  • Type of street sweeper we use is very expensive, only made by one manufacturer, should look at alternative machines as sweeper was due to be replaced in 2018/2019.
  • Money going into equipment reserves need to be looked at and possibly increased due to increase in costs of new equipment to make sure we have money to cover future needs. Projected large equipment expenses should have reserve fund.
  • Prefer to pay upfront for equipment to avoid paying interest on loans.
  • Suggestion made to get trade value of existing equipment, availability, price of new equipment, and equipment life to help develop an updated replacement schedule.
  • Can allocate from fund balance or can use surplus in sales tax to transfer into the equipment reserve or the community building reserve, predicting there will be a surplus at end of this fiscal year from what was budgeted. 
  • With a lighter winter this year should have surplus in plow blade, road salt and diesel fuel accounts that will be going back into the street equipment account.
  • Looking on getting summer help to start by mid-May. They mainly will be keeping up with all of the mowing on village properties.
  • Need to start back on sidewalk replacement and allocating to a sidewalk reserve fund.
  • In the past, the DPW department used to have 4 full time workers plus superintendent. Current budget can afford to hire another full time DPW worker. This will help get back on track with sidewalk replacement instead of paying an outside company to replace sidewalks.
  • Superintendent Caprino to extend equipment replacement schedule out to year 2050 and bring costs for new equipment for review at May board meeting.
  • Tires are needed for backhoe if not replacing, was due to be replaced 2019/2020. Board agreed they should be replaced as backhoe is fine otherwise.
  • Loader tires could go for one more year.
  • Sidewalk plow tracks can wait until we get resale prices to see if it worth getting new tracks or replacing tracks and keeping sidewalk plow for a few more years.
  • DPW building exterior painting needs to be done, last painted about 14 years ago. Superintendent Caprino requested to get quotes. It was also suggested to also get quotes on siding front and sides to compare with painting quotes. Siding will save from having to continue to paint every 10-15 years.  Can possibly use ARPA funds.
  • Need to decide on chimney quotes to lock in someone to do the work as soon as boiler can be shut down. Superintendent Caprino to request quotes for next board meeting.
  • Single axle truck that has been on order for 2 years is still not built. Since we did not have formal quote or purchase order, will need to get new quotes. Money was accrued for truck so if we start over with new quotes, we can apply that money to painting DPW building.
  • Full time code officer was added in the budget. The board agrees that there is a need for one to keep up with all of the property issues within the village. A full-time code officer could also conduct fire inspections in the village which is also needed.


  • Library door and entrance can use bullet aid to get done now and replaced if the state aid comes in that was applied for
  • The general fund covers expenses and repairs for the library. 
  • Laurie and Sandy do a great job getting grants and donations to help with the expenses. They have visited 17 libraries in the system so far this spring and are very grateful for the assistance they receive from the village.

Fire Department

  • Operating expenses running tight partly due to inflation and part due to retro-fitting Engine 402 to extend life of truck another 5 years. Possibly that expense should have been taken out of the reserve as it related to fire truck expense.
  • Fire advisory board recommended going 2% to operating expenses, 5% to reserve as they can review more closely what comes out of the reserve account and with the increased costs of trucks, we need to build the reserve for future truck replacements.
  • Currently going through trucks to update schedule to get back on schedule. Last year costs of fire trucks increased over 26%. Fire Advisory Board looking at costs of new versus replacement time and resale value of current equipment.
  • FEMA grant applied for 24 sets of turnout gear.
  • SAFER grant applied for to assist with recruitment/retention and bolster the Jr. Program.
  • Community Foundation grant applied for to replace firehall kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Garage doors and receivers need to be replaced – currently have quote for $6,320 for all 4 doors installed. Deputy Treasurer Trask suggested using operating expenses, the expense to the village is reduced due to shared expenses with the Town of Ellicott.
  • Checking with Cummins Engine for a price on a new generator – approx. 17K, much less than a Caterpillar brand originally looking at. Need to contact grant writer to assist in writing a grant for this. Deputy Treasurer Trask suggested taking the expense out of the building reserve so that 55% of expense is shared with Town of Ellicott. Chief Webster would like to have a roof put over the area of the generator and A/C unit to protect during winter months.


  • The new Animal Control contract will be at the current contracted price with Belin Security who has announced his retirement. The budget was increased anticipating a higher contract and to include a feral cat program.
  • Trustee Gustafson has noticed quite a few pieces of playground equipment are broken. In the future we should be looking to do a major overhaul with the playground and get Rotary involved as they have assisted in the past.

Trustee Dunn made a motion, seconded by Trustee Gustafson to adjourn the budget workshop at 8:10 pm. Ayes-all. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Capestrani, Village Clerk