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February 14, 2022 Regular Meeting

Mayor James M. Jaroszynski
Trustee Timothy Dunn
Trustee Alan Gustafson, Jr.
Trustee Anthony Cavallaro
Trustee Annette Miller

Carl Caprino, DPW Superintendent
Laurie Becker, Library Director
Bryce Webster, Fire Chief
Paul Andalora, Code Enforcement Officer
Alan Gustafson, Code Enforcement Officer
Anna L. Fales, Village Clerk

The regular meeting of the Village of Falconer Mayor and Board of Trustees was called to order on Monday, February 14, 2022 at 7:07 P.M. at the Firemen’s’ Exempt Hall with Mayor James Jaroszynski presiding.   

Pledge of Allegiance & Roll

Trustee Dunn, Trustee Gustafson, Trustee Cavallaro, Trustee Miller, and Mayor Jaroszynski were present. 

Moment of Silence: 

A moment of silence was held for Glen H. Dickerson, Jr. and Timothy Strickland.  Mr. Dickerson served as the village code officer for 10 years, was a 50+ year member of the Falconer Fire Department and also a past fire chief.  Mr. Strickland was a past member of the Falconer Fire Department.  

Parliamentary Procedure



Nina Gustafson, Falconer Rotary Club President was present to observe the proceedings.


Trustee Dunn made a motion, seconded by Trustee Gustafson, to approve the minutes of the January 10, 2022 regular meeting of the Mayor and Board of Trustees, as written.  Roll: Dunn: Aye, Gustafson: Aye, Cavallaro: Aye, Miller: Aye, and Jaroszynski: Aye. Nays: none.  Carried.   

Fire Chief       

The chief’s January report was reviewed and noted that the department responded to 41-EMS, 2-medical assist, 1-auto fire, 1-structure fire, 2-chemical release, 2-water problem, 13-dispatched/cancelled, 1-false alarm, 2-public assistance, and 5-unintentional system/de-operation- 70 total calls in January (149 calls-YTD). 

Mutual Aid Breakdown- January

Given:  Jamestown-6 (2 cancelled), Frewsburg-7, Kennedy-5, Kiantone-0,  Fluvanna-0, Alstar-0, 0-assist to A-71 (driver), Gerry-1. Total-21. 

Received: Medic 74-7 Kennedy-5, Frewsburg-0, Fluvanna-0, Gerry-1, Coroner-0, Kiantone-1 Alstar-4, and Jamestown-0.  Total-18.

  • Chief Webster reported that the DerKobbler’s meets the 2nd Thursday of each month. 
  • Training continues on the new fire engine. 
  • Mutual aid run cards are being updated with 4 zones in Village of Falconer 

 Code Enforcement 

The code enforcement report was reviewed for the period January 10-February 11, 2022.   

  • Code enforcement officer, Paul Andalora reported that he passed his first of 6 CEO classes and started the second series of classes today.   
  • It was noted that the code office is awaiting information from the Department of State as to their specific requirements for the downtown Chicagoland Reality properties located on E. Main Street.  Once specifications are provided from the state, new permits will be issued for the proposed construction/renovation project.   
  • Water/Sewer issues at the old Prime Steakhouse property are still being addressed.  CEO Gustafson believes the property is vacant at this time.

Department of Public Works

The DPW report was reviewed for the period January 10, 2022-February 11, 2022.    

  • Installation of the fire department’s new drinking fountain/bottle filler has been completed.  
  • The electronic entry door in the library has stopped working.  A reconfiguration of the entryway is being considered.  Contracting quotes will be needed per the village procurement policy.  Trustee Dunn suggested an outside foyer to avoid using limited library space for an internal foyer. 
  • Superintendent Caprino noted that the DPW is way behind on its truck replacement schedule.  The board reviewed two trade/piggyback proposals for the current ¾-ton  and the 1-ton trucks which Treasurer Trask suggested could be purchased through 5110.2 and 5110.4 budget line items.  Trustee Dunn made a motion, seconded by Trustee Cavallaro to replace the 2013 1-ton and 2015 ¾ ton-Chevy trucks using the proposed trade/piggyback bids, as submitted, at a net cost of $28,198 using $18,000 from line item 5110.2 and $10,198 from line item 5110.4 in FY 21/22 .  Roll: Gustafson: Aye, Dunn: Aye, Cavallaro: Aye, Miller: Aye, and Jaroszynski: Aye. Nays: none.  Carried.   
  • Trustee Dunn made a motion, seconded by Trustee Miller to approve payment of all necessary costs associated with renewal of Peter Fuller’s pesticide applicator permit which is required by the DEC to administer the village’s annual mosquito larvae pesticides. Roll: Gustafson: Aye, Dunn: Aye, Cavallaro: Aye, Miller: Aye, and Jaroszynski: Aye. Nays: none.  Carried.   
  • Superintendent Caprino asked for approval the immediate hire of  Daniel Colburn in preparation to replace Brenton Yager, who has resigned his position from the DPW as of March 31, 2022.  This will be a 32-day overlap of the two employees for specifically for training purposes.  Trustee Cavallaro made a motion, seconded by Trustee Dunn to hire Dan Colburn, effective immediately, for position of DPW motor vehicle operator, on a provisional basis, per the current collective bargaining agreement.  Roll: Gustafson: Aye, Dunn: Aye, Cavallaro: Aye, Miller: Aye, and Jaroszynski: Aye. Nays: none.  Carried.   
  • The scope of work report for the Community Building chimney, parapet, and brick pointing, prepared by RE Kelley, was reviewed by the board, noting the parapet, chimney, and first-floor steel window lintels are the most critical issues. A knock down and/or replacement of the chimney and parapet are recommended. The chimney restoration is most critical and needs to go to public bid, using scope of work details provided by RE Kelley.  Superintendent Caprino was asked to contact RE Kelley for additional information on the remaining phases work needed. 


The January 10-February 14, 2022 library report was reviewed.   

  • Library board members, Dr. Pat Fales, Pam Vanstrom, Steve Swanson and Lisa Conti, were sworn in ,by Village Clerk Anna Fales, on January 27, 2022 during the FPL board’s regular January meeting. 
  • National Popcorn Day on January 19th and National Lego Day on January 28th were celebrated with fun activities for patrons. 
  • The Audubon Society nature photography club is displaying their “Spring” themed collection the entire month of February in the FPL.  A meet and greet with photographers was held February 12th from 10:30 am-12:30 pm. 
  • Ro Woodard is holding a NYS boating safety course on February 19th in the Falconer Fire 

Department from 8 am-4 pm.  The event is co-sponsored by the FPL and the Falconer Fire Department with a pizza lunch provided compliments of Sue Seamans.  Currently, there are 16 people signed up. 

This month the library received $21.00 (copies/fax), $0.00(fines), $38.00 (Book Sales), $910.00 (gifts & donations), and $934.67 (other).   


Public Safety:

Trustee Cavallaro entered into record, the NYS Department of Agriculture Dog Control Inspection Report completed on 1/11/2022, which rated DCO services as “Satisfactory”.

Downtown Development:

Resolution #1-2022-A motion was made by Trustee Dunn, seconded by Trustee Miller, authorizing the approval of another 18-month extension, without lapse, of the original Falconer Square Site Plan approval, as outlined in a letter dated, February 7, 2022, from Mr. Dan Brocht of Labella Associates, with the following revisions/corrections to be made: 

  • Current Zoning is Village Center, not R-2 
  • Note that the Village Board, not the Planning Board, provided approval of extensions of all approvals until February 10, 2022. 

Roll: Dunn: Aye, Gustafson: Aye, Cavallaro: Aye, Miller: Aye, and Jaroszynski: Aye. Nays: None.  Carried. 

Note:  The letter below, originally dated February 7, 2022, was revised on February 16, 2022, to reflect the above listed revisions as requested by motion of the Village Board.   

February 7, 2022 
Revised February 16, 2022 

Village of Falconer Planning Board 
101 West Main Street 
Falconer, NY 14733 

RE: Falconer Square – Home Leasing 

Members of the Board: 

The proposed project of Falconer Square is to be located in the Village of Falconer on tax parcels 371.10-0429, 371.10-04-30, 3710-04-31, 371.10-04-32, 371.10-04-34, 371.10-04-35, 371.10-04-36, 371.10-04-37, 371.10-04-38 and a portion of the Village of Falconer right of way which are all located in an area zoned (VC) – Village Center by the Village of Falconer. According to the Village of Falconer municipal code, the proposed project is an allowable use and is in conformance with the Village’s regulations. No variances are required. 

  • Preliminary Site Plan approval was granted by the Village of Falconer Planning Board at their meeting on November 20, 2019. 
  • On January 21, 2020 the Planning Board issued a Negative Declaration on SEQR and recommended that The Village Board approve the Final Site Plan at their next meeting. 
  • The Village Board issued Final Site Plan approval on February 10, 2020 per resolution #3-2020. 
  • The Village approved abandonment of existing ROW as part of Site Plan Approval on February 10, 2020.  
  • At the August 11th 2020 meeting, the Village Board approved an extension of all approvals until February 10, 2022. 

The project is currently being prepared for a 2022 resubmission to the funding institution for review and approval. As the project continues to go through the funding application process, I would like to formally request that the Board grant an additional extension to guarantee that there are no gaps in the project’s Village approvals, as required by the funding agency.

If you have questions or require further clarification, please contact me directly at (585) 472-2967.

Respectfully submitted, 


Dan Brocht 

Dan Brocht
Senior Project Manager

Resolution#2-2022-A motion was made by Trustee Dunn, seconded by Trustee Steele, to amend Resolution #1-2022, to specify that all necessary Village approvals relating to the Home Leasing Falconer Square Project be extended until August 14, 2023, as required by the funding application.  Roll: Gustafson: Nay, Dunn: Aye, Cavallaro: Aye, Miller: Aye and Jaroszynski: Aye. Carried. 

Farmers Market: 

Trustee Miller is planning to hold this year’s market on Fridays in Davis Park from 11 am6 pm, running from June 17-end of September.  She will be reaching out to vendors with dates and time. 


The third quarter tax receipts (2/3/2022) was $93,135.  Total YTD is $301,124.  Treasurer Trask reported that this is $2,444 over budgeted amount of $298,680 with the final quarter yet to be received. 


A draft of the park survey was reviewed and discussed as to the best mode of distribution and for compiling results.  Trustee Miller noted that Google Forms online complies results automatically.  It was agreed that the survey would be active for 30 days.  Mayor Jaroszynski thanked Nina Gustafson and Trustee Miller for their work on the project.  

Planning Board: 

The discussion regarding street opening fees was tabled another month, until the March meeting. 

A brief discussion was held regarding issues of dually trucks parking illegally in the village.  Superintendent Caprino reported that he placed notices on all known dually vehicles in the village, citing village code 127-16, asking them to please comply with the law.


Trustee Gustafson noted that there were 4 burials in the month of January. 

Old Business: 

Mayor Jaroszynski reported that he and Superintendent Caprino had a very positive meeting with county executive Wendell regarding the transfer of management of the traffic light  at Elmwood Avenue and South Work Street.  Mr. Wendell will follow up on his with his department heads and report back. 

Clerk Fales noted that record of activity reports were received from Trustee Gustafson and Trustee Cavallaro.  Once all activity reports are received, a standard workday resolution for all will be entered into record and sent to the state retirement department. 

The annual Pride Day planned for the 1st Saturday in May will include an opportunity for residents who which to dispose household (most) items free of charge. Allowable items can be brought to the DPW, from 9 am -3 pm that day, for disposal or recycling.  Paints and chemicals, electronic devices, tires of all types and refrigerators if Freon has not been removed cannot be accepted.  The village clerk’s office will distribute free stickers to residents.  Proof of residency will be required. 

Free COVID tests will be distributed through the Village Clerk’s office while supplies last.  Proof of residency is required. Clerk Fales will post a notice in the Post Journal and through Slick Text. 


Clerk Fales submitted to record a letter, dated January 31, 2022, from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation regarding property owned by Daniel Leighton, 3790 Ross Mills Road, noting Wetland LW-9 Boundary Delineation. 

Trustee Gustafson’s letter, dated February 14, 2022, which acknowledged his review of the January 2022 unpaid vouchers and bank reconciliations, was placed into record.   


Motion:  It is moved by Trustee Dunn and seconded by Trustee Cavallaro that Abstract #9, General Fund in the amount of $42,025.45 be approved for payment. Roll:  Dunn: Aye, Gustafson: Aye, Cavallaro: Aye, Miller: Aye, and Jaroszynski: Aye. Nays: None.  Carried.   

Motion:  It is moved by Trustee Gustafson and seconded by Trustee Dunn that Abstract #9, Cemetery Fund in the amount of $ 1,071.66 be approved for payment.  Roll:  Dunn: Aye, Gustafson: Aye, Cavallaro: Aye, Miller: Aye, and Jaroszynski: Aye. Nays: None.  Carried.

Motion:  It is moved by Trustee Miller and seconded by Trustee Gustafson that Abstract #9, Library Fund in the amount of $ 2,450.50 be approved for payment.  Roll:  Dunn: Aye, Gustafson: Aye, Cavallaro: Abstain, Miller: Aye, and Jaroszynski: Aye. Nays: None.  Carried.

Motion:  It is moved by Trustee Cavallaro and seconded by Trustee Dunn that Abstract #9, General Fund Hand Items in the amount of $ 36,539.90 be approved for payment.  Roll:  Dunn: Aye, Gustafson: Aye, Cavallaro: Aye, Miller: Aye, and Jaroszynski: Aye. Nays: None.  Carried.

Mayor Jaroszynski noted that he will be away next month and will be appointed Trustee Cavallaro as Deputy mayor during his absence. 

Trustee Dunn made a motion, seconded by Trustee Miller to adjourn the meeting 9:23 pm. Vote was approved unanimously. Carried. 

Respectfully submitted,
Anna Fales, Village Clerk