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June 10, 2019 Work Session

Mayor, James R. Rensel
Trustee J. Michael Steele
Trustee Timothy Dunn
Trustee James Jaroszynski
Trustee Carmella Catanese

Lawrence Trask, Treasurer
Peter C. Fuller, DPW Superintendent
Code Enforcement Officer, Alan Gustafson

The work session meeting of the Village of Falconer Mayor and Board of Trustees was held on Monday, June 10, 2019 at 5:50 P.M. in the Community Building Board Room with Mayor James Rensel presiding.

No visitors were present.

Trustee Dunn made a motion, seconded by Trustee Steele, to approve the minutes of May 13, 2019 as written. Ayes: Dunn, Steele, Jaroszynski, Catanese and Rensel. Carried.

The board picked up the April 8, 2019 tabled procurement policy discussion regarding a purchase requisition policy and disciplinary actions to be taken should purchases/expenditures be made by employees without regard to purchase policy guidelines.

Suggested amendments to the Procurement Policy:

  • All employees, including managers and staff, should be trained on village procurement policies and requisition requirements
  • Each manager and employee must also be provided a written and updated copy of the village Procurement Policy.
  • Each manager and employee must sign an acknowledgment that they have read, been trained and understand village purchase Policy requirements.
  • A purchase requisition policy will be added to the existing village Procurement Policy which will require managers and employees to seek prior approval on any total purchase over $125. Related purchases many not be split up as an effort to avoid this requirement.
  • If any employee fails to follow the village Procurement Policy as written, the following disciplinary actions will be taken:
    1. First occurrence: Employee will receive verbal reprimand along with counselling and a written memo of occurrence, which must be signed by the Mayor, the employee and filed with the village clerk.
    2. Second occurrence: Written reprimand to be placed in employee file for a period of 1 year. The letter of reprimand must be acknowledged by Mayor, the employee and recorded with the village clerk.
    3. Third occurrence: Immediate suspension of purchasing privileges.
    4. Forth occurrence: Possible dismissal from employment and/or volunteer duties/positions of authority.

Treasurer Trask suggested to test the above policy recommendations as a “draft” for a period of 6 months and make any adjustments prior to passing it into Local Law.

The board discussed marketing tactics for the sale of 211 E. James Street. Trustee Steele, Dunn and Jaroszynski stated that the property should be marketed through a realtor. The board suggested a village realtor be considered to handle the sale.

Treasurer Trask explained to the board that the village would gain the greatest financial return if the property was sold with a stipulation that the property be sold with the requirement that a home be built on the property within 2-3 years from date of purchase. He explained that, if taxed as an empty lot, at current tax rates it would take the village 145 years to reclaim its original $19,200 investment. The board agreed that it would be best for the village to market it as a building lot.

It was noted that Alan Gustafson, part-time village code officer has accepted a full-time position with the City of Dunkirk and will be submitting his resignation to the board in open session. The board suggested the village look into shared service agreements with the other 5 municipalities which Mr. Gustafson performed part-time CEO duties.

Trustee Jaroszynski made a motion, seconded by Trustee Steele to adjourn at 6:56 pm. The next work session will be held on July 8, 2019 at 5:45 pm. Ayes: Dunn, Steele, Jaroszynski, Catanese and Rensel. Carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Anna L. Fales, Village Clerk